6 Steps to Take After You Are Injured in a Car Accident

Jun 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

After you are involved in an auto accident, the next question you may ask yourself is, “What do I do?” Everything happens so fast, your whole day is turned upside down, and you may also be in pain. What do you do after you are involved in a car accident? Follow these steps.

  1. Call 911
    Call the police. Even if it seems like a minor accident, call the police. You want someone who was not involved in the accident to document the basic facts about how the accident happened, and to collect information from all of the people and cars involved. Wait on the police to arrive.
  2. Take Photographs
    If you are able to, take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, and of the scene of the accident. We all know that pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to auto accidents, they can depict the scene of the accident and the damage much better than words.
  3. Seek Medical Attention
    If you need immediate medical attention, call 911 at the scene of the accident so that you can be transported to your nearest hospital. If you do not need to be transported to the hospital from the scene of the crash, make sure you seek emergency care within 14 days of the accident. You can go to a hospital emergency room, or an urgent care clinic. If you do not seek any medical care within 14 days of the accident, you could lose the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits under your own auto insurance policy. PIP benefits are important, because they can pay the majority of your medical bills relating to treatment you receive after the accident.
  4. Call Your Insurance Company
    Report the accident to your insurance company. Let them know what happened in the accident, and tell them about any damage to your vehicle. If the adjuster asks whether you were injured, you can tell him or her where you feel pain, and where you can see bruising, for example.
  5. Do Not Speak to the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company
    The insurance company for the at-fault driver will give you a call. DO NOT provide them with a recorded statement. If you do happen to speak with them, the ONLY topic you should discuss is whether they are going to repair your car, and how long that should take.
  6. Call a Personal Injury Attorney
    You will have a lot to deal with after being involved in an auto accident. You need an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in getting the medical treatment you need due to your injuries. You also need an attorney to step in and handle any communications and negotiations with the insurance companies on your behalf. Also, an experienced attorney will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Call Greenway Law Firm for a free personal injury consultation. We would be happy to be your advocate.

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